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Financial Aid and Assistantships

Financial Aid

The Biomedical Engineering Department encourages students to reach out to faculty in regards to finding an advisor and funding opportunities.

The cost of attendance can be determined by reviewing the University of Houston Tuition and Fees page.



Outline of Assistantships
  1. Assistantships are only awarded to students being supported by a faculty member/advisor.
  2. Assistantships are only awarded to Ph.D. students.
  3. Assistantships are a one-year commitment; with funding being evaluated each semester.
  4. A recommendation from the student’s advisor is needed to maintain the Assistantship after one year.
  5. Types of Assistantships include: Research Assistant (RA) and Teaching Assistant (TA).


Research Assistantships (RA)

Research Assistantships are awarded directly to students by the department faculty. The sources for RA funding are derived from research grants and contracts awarded to the faculty. Typically, the faculty sponsor arranges to do research with a student who is pursuing a PhD degree. It is the responsibility of all applicants to find a faculty member with whom he/she can conduct research projects.

Students awarded RA positions also recieve the Graduate Tuition Fellowship (GTF) and in-state tuition (if applicable).


Teaching Assistantships (TA)

Teaching Assistantships are awarded to applicants by the chair of the Department and are usually given to new graduate students for one year only. The awards are based on the potential of the candidate to make an outstanding contribution to the BME graduate program. Usually, students who have been given a TA for one year are expected to transition into being supported as an RA after their first year.

Students awarded TA positions also recieve the Graduate Tuition Fellowship (GTF) and in-state tuition (if applicable).

Important note: Not all students recommended for a TA will receive one due to the limited available positions.


Additional Information

Students who are not supported by the Department may be able to find various types of employment on campus, but such arrangements are up to the students to investigate if they so choose. Students may also reach out to BME Joint Appointment Faculty regarding funding opportunities.

If a Ph.D. student does not find an Advisor within 1 year of starting the program, they may be asked to continue as a M.S. student.