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Undergraduate Program in Biomedical Engineering

Undergraduate Program in Biomedical Engineering


Our main goal is to develop leadership in academia, government, and industry nationally and globally. The importance of global scientific, social, and cultural interaction and the demands of the dynamic, ever-changing global healthcare economy have been strongly emphasized in our undergraduate and graduate programs. The research in our department focuses on three main areas, neural, cognitive, and rehabilitation engineering, biomedical imaging, and bionanoscience.



All prospective students interested in joining the Biomedical Engineering Undergraduate program must apply through the Office of Admissions as well as meet the requirements set by the Cullen College of Engineering.

For questions related to the curriculum or program goals, students may contact the Associate Director for Academic Programs.



  • Distinguished faculty that are focused on mentoring and developing leaders in the field of BME
  • Proximity to the world's largest medical center
  • Over half of undergraduate upperclassmen participated in research
  • Past graduates have continued their education by joining some of the most distinguished Graduate Schools, Medical Schools and Dental Schools
  • Located within a dynamic city, filled with culture, history, and activities for every passion



The College of Engineering hosts monthly information sessions for students considering a major in the College of Engineering. The sessions will cover information regarding external transfers, internal transfers, readmission, and admission requirements. Information Session schedules can be found here.