Translating Biomaterials for CNS Drug Delivery

Rachael Sirianni, PhD
University of Houston
Drug delivery to the brain and spinal cord remain challenging problems due to the presence
of evolutionarily conserved barriers that restrict entry of circulating molecules into the central
nervous system (CNS). Peripheral toxicity often limits drug dosing and efficacy, even for CNS
targeted nanoparticles. Drug delivery scientists seeking to do translational work in the CNS
are faced with urgent questions. What does it take to design nanoparticles for CNS drug
delivery that can reach patients within the next decade? What drug delivery problems can we
tackle that will directly impact clinical care today? Here, Dr. Sirianni will discuss the
development of a nanomedicine platform for treatment of CNS disease, focusing on a
roadmap for specific translation of polymeric nanoparticles in the field of pediatric neurooncology.