Label-free Brain Imaging and Mapping with a Serial Optical Coherence Scanner

Taner Akkin, Ph.D.
Serial optical coherence scanner provides intrinsic optical contrasts for large-scale brain
imaging and mapping at microscopic resolution. It distinguishes white matter and gray
matter, and visualizes exquisite networks of axon fiber tracts. This is achieved by using the
polarization contrasts highlighting the myelinated fibers and their alignment, and the
conventional reflectivity contrast that is available for studying the gray matter. The scanner is
a tool for basic and applied research into the structural and connectional architecture of the
brain. In addition to imaging applications on brain diseases and conditions, the connectivity
maps and principles this technology identifies have potential to guide neuromodulation
treatments. If time permits, Dr. Akkin will present a summary of another study that is on
optical imaging of neural action potentials.