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Theses and Dissertations — 2019

Masters Theses

Student Advisor(s) Thesis/Dissertation Title
Yi-Jun Chen Dr. Chandra Mohan Screening Method for Peptoid-Based One-Bead-One-Compound (OBOC) Libraries and Analysis of a Peptoid "Hit" [Link]
Hanieh Farhadi Dr. Sheereen Majd Preparation and Characterization of Hydrogel-Core Liposomes for Drug Delivery Applications [Link]
Bhoomija Hariprasad Dr. Mohammad Abidian Coaxial Electrospinning of Protein-Encapsulated Core-Shell Nanofibers: Process Optimization and Release Modeling [Link]
Mashal Kakakhel Dr. Muna Naash Syntaxin 3B Ablation in Photoreceptors
Heet Kaku Dr. Nuri Ince Grouping Neuronal Spiking Patterns in the Subthalamic Nucleus of Parkinsonian Patients [Link]
Sheng Khang Dr. Joseph Francis Noise Correlations in Primary Motor Cortex are Modulated by Reward during a Grip Force Task [Link]
Nihir Patel Dr. Mohammad Abidian Electrospinning of Core-Shell Fibers for Encapsulation of Biomolecules [Link]
Kartik Sharma Dr. Mohammad Abidian Laminin Microdroplet Deposition on Conducting Polymer Films for Neural Regeneration [Link]


Student Advisor(s) Thesis/Dissertation Title
Kheya Banerjee Dr. Howard Gifford Lesion Classification with a Visual-Search Model Observer
Maya Gough Dr. Elebeoba May Quantifying the Effect of Vitamin D Deficiency and Alcohol Exposure on Immune Response to Mycobacterium Infection [Link]
Zohreh Karbaschi Dr. Howard Gifford Visual-Search Model Observers in Assessing CT Acquisition Parameters [Link]
Milad Khorrami Dr. Mohammad Abidian Fabrication and Characterization of Bioactive Conjugated Polymer 3D Microstructures for Organic Bioelectronics [Link]
Peter Liu Dr. Kirill Larin Translational Optical Coherence Elastography
Ahmad Nazem Dr. Richard Willson Viral Nanoparticles as Lateral Flow Assay Reporters: Analysis of Capture Kinetics, Stabilization, and Detection In Blood [Link]
Thao L. Nguyen Dr. Chandra Mohan 3D-Splenoid Cultures for the Expansion of Activated Pro-Inflammatory Double-Negative T Cells
Danielle L. Stolley Dr. Elebeoba May The Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Mycobacterial Infection [Link]
Fan Yun Yen Dr. Fatima Merchant Spherical Harmonics for 3D Modeling of Chromosomes Territories in Normal and Aneuploid Nuclei [Link]
Chuan Zhang Dr. Yingchun Zhang Evaluation of Global Muscle Innervation Using Multi-Channel Surface Electromyography [Link]