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Theses and Dissertations — 2020

Masters Theses

Student Advisor(s) Thesis/Dissertation Title
Phillip Derek Comeaux Dr. Cunjiang Yu Drawn-On-Skin Liquid Electrodes for Motion Artifact-Free Neurological Signal Recording [Link]
Michael James Houston Dr. Yingchun Zhang Altered Muscle Networks in Post Stroke Survivors [Link]
Victor E. Tedesco Dr. Sergey Shevkoplyas How Pure is Pure Enough: Effects of Red Blood Cell and Platelet Contamination on T-cell Culture [Link]
Stephanie Velasco Dr. Nuri Ince Adaptive Detection of Beta Burts of Local Field Potentials Recorded from Subthalamic Nucleus in Patients with Parkinson's Disease [Link]


Student Advisor(s) Thesis/Dissertation Title
Nick Conner Dias Dr. Yingchun Zhang High Density Surface Electromyography For The Assessment Of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
Nathaniel Raymond Fredette Dr. Mini Das Multi-Material Discrimination Using Photon Counting Spectral Computed Tomography [Link]
Ayse Mine Genc Dr. Muna Naash Ablation of Retbindin, the Riboflavin Binding Protein, Exacerbates Retinal Degenerative Phenotypes in Mouse Models of Human Retinal Diseases [Link]
Claire Katherine Holley Dr. Sheereen Majd Fabrication and Optimization of Dp44mT-loaded Polymeric Nanoparticles for Treatment of Malignant Cells [Link]
Rihui Li Dr. Yingchun Zhang Cortical Reorganization Characterization Using Multimodal EEG − FNIRS Integration Analysis [Link]
Madeleine Lu Dr. Sergey Shevkoplyas Novel Technologies for Evaluating Red Blood Cell Rheology during Blood Processing and in Sickle Cell Disease [Link]
Gwen Elizabeth Musial Dr. Jason Porter Longitudinal Evaluation of Retinal Capillaries in Experimental Glaucoma [Link]
Musa Ozturk Dr. Nuri Ince Pharmacological and Electroceutical Modulations of Local Field Potentials in Parkinson’s Disease [Link]
Thomas Potter Dr. Yingchung Zhang Navigating a Strange World: The Neuroimaging Study of Brain-Environment Interactions
Raksha Raghunathan Dr. Kirill Larin Assessing Teratogen-Induced Changes in Murine Fetal Brain Vasculature Using In Utero Optical Coherence Tomography [Link]
Tirthankar Sinha Dr. Muna Naash Riboflavin and the Riboflavin Binding Protein, Retbindin, are Essential for the Metabolic Homeostasis of the Retina [Link]
Kian Torabian Dr. Sergey Shevkoplyas Microfluidic Device Design Informed by Red Blood Cell Morphology for Global Blood Diagnostics and Banking [Link]